Tipova Monastery

Tipova MonasteryTipova MonasteryTipova MonasteryTipova Monastery

Mistery and Spirits at Tipova Monastery

Between stone and wooden medieval Moldavian churches, hermitage monasteries are of special interest, being situated along the steep banks of the Nistru river.
One of these monastic structures is Tipova hermitage hewn in a rock of about 100 m high.
The most ancient part of the monastery consists of 19 caves built on the same level and connected by a narrow path.
The last part of the monastery was built in 1756.

In the fi rst half of the XIXth century, the monastery was reconstructed and till nowadays kept a spirit of ages and various civilizations.
It is said that the wedding of our great Ruler Stephen the Great and Saint and his wife Maria Voichita was held in this monastery.
Walking along the dark passages of monastic cloister, you can catch far away the voices of ancestors or Orpheus’s lyre that is still humming the melody of his love…
Tourists can visit the splendid Tipova nature reserve. Wonderful landscape, rocky mountains, mirror surface of Nistru river, rumble of waterfalls: here you can rest from the world’s vanity, cheer up and find the peace of mind.

TIPOVA Monastery

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